29 d’ag. 2008

Review cd Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" x Antichrist Magazine #7(Ukraina) (08/2008)

- ANTICHRIST MAGAZINE #7 - Review CD Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" (2005) - Ukraina (08/2008)

ENTROPIA “Takte Morbid” 2005 CD | Voliac Rock Productions

Huh, pretty old release of this brutal label from Andorra! And that’s great to meet new name for me?. As press-release says this band is veterans on Catalan metal scene, to be honest I just heard this name (ENTROPIA) couple time before, but didn’t hear their music. And I can dare to say this is really worthy release on the brutal death grind scene! Yeah, here’s really dense yet killing brutal death, based on such grinding yet blasting riffs, which will be twist your body since the first listening just! I was killed by all those really cement guitar riffs, which by its truly hard tunes grinding free space around you. Lots of tempo changes; like mid tempos become to fastest madness, and really mad drumming also over here. Good thing is also music sounds not modern, but, for example, guitar riffs has remembered me old-school brutal death riffing and tunes. Also I’d like to underline how great musicians did atmosphere of death! I mean music sounds really necro and frightening! As for vocals so here are two types: standard guttural growl and, he-he, of corpse – pig style one?. As a whole ENTROPIA seems really strong horde amongst other brutal hordes! Undoubtedly one of serious works onto brutal death grind scene! If you are into horror brutal death grind madness – check out “Takte Morbid” right NOW! 11 blastsongs and two great videoclips! 4\5

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