30 de març 2009

Review cd Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" x Encyclopaedia Metallum (03/2009)

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Reviews for Entropia (Esp)'s Takte Mòrbid

Anarcho-satanism - 90%

Written by oneyoudontknow on March 28th, 2009

This release is brutal as hell. From the very beginning Entropia want to make clear where the trip will go towards. No intro to build up the tension, nothing to prepare the listener in any way. A beast of brutal death metal and grindcore is what they unleash a few second after the first track has begun. Aggressive, catchy and loaded with really good motives and ideas.

Two kinds of vocals are used by the band: a growling like and a pig-noise one. Often both appear in one song and even some fast switching between them is used; like on the title track Takte mòrbid. Both sound pretty cool and especially the latter one sounds really sick and works fine with the music. When it comes to the amount in which they appear over the length of a track, then the instruments have enough room for solos; the vocals are well placed and support the music. Somehow surprising is the small amount of samples used by the band. One might suspect them to appear on a larger scale.

The music is generally rather faster, but not in the extreme way a lot of bands from the grindcore genre tend to head for. In this respect the spectrum also ranges to slower and more death metal oriented parts and the songs generally offer more than one approach of tempo. Yet, everything is in a nice flow and despite the occasionally fast switches between blasts and slower death metal parts the band is able to keep the atmosphere up and create a coherent impression. It would be cool to have more power in the bass-guitar, though. This instrument is drowned a bit by all the other things that are going on in the music.

Final bits and bytes
I really like this album. Sick, weird, extreme and the production is also good. The mixture between the two vocal styles works fine and Entropia does not overdo it with the blasts. Along with the music comes a thick and professional designed booklet with lyrics (which I do not understand as I do not speak Spanish), whereas the CD does also contain two videos: Rebentat and Takte mòrbid; those can also be watched on the band's MySpace site. I can whole-heartily recommend this release.

Note: the last track is a rant on society and deals with the promotion of anarcho-satanism. It is pretty cool done as it comes in two languages at a time (Spanish (not sure) and English), so even people outside of Spain can understand how the band interprets this term, what they are actually promoting and what their stances in politics are. As I cannot recall to have heard such on any other CD so far, it is an argument in favour of the band.

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