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Review cd Entropia "De Viu En Viu" x Live Bootleg Blog (U.K.) (03/2007)

-LIVE BOOTLEG BLOG U.K. - Review CD- Entropia “De Viu En Viu” (2004)

Sunday, March 11, 2007
Entropia - De Viu En Viu

Pic (2003_05_31 - entropia - cesckanyant)
We conclude this serie dedicted to the extreme metal bootlegs with Entropia. They are a spanish (or perhaps should I better say a Catalan) extreme death metal (with lotsa grind surroundings) act. The band was created more than ten years ago and already released five self-released records. On the musical ground we have to remark that the wide matrix Entropia take from is the old school (true) european grindish death metal…and often we see the appearance of (perhaps foreseeable but still very efficient) names like Napalm Death, Inhumate and mates. Not really original or innovative but as you can guess cool as hell. Also thanks to the different lyrical approach, the fury of the Catalan three pieces explodes straight on the face of the un-informed listener. Hell is being raised by them!!!!.
Pic (2003_05_31 - entropia - garcilaso - karles mans i che(f.kikus)
If you’re the kind that sits on your couch with some cheese and wine listening to Sting and feel sorry about all the worlds demise, sleep tight and wake up happy to go to work then Entropia is your wake up call. Life sucks if you’re not in command. The message is anarchy. Taking over the power and create freedom like it was meant to be. Bored already? Guess you close your eyes when domestic violence becomes the subject too.

Entropia - Live in Nancy 2003
Karkassa - guitar/vocals
Selrak - bass/vocals
Uretra - drums

This recording is listed as a bootleg and also in their discography.

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