16 de febr. 2007



Entropia was born in 1994 as an unorthodox project originally linked to hardcore/punk and noisy/psychedelic music more influenced by Velvet Underground or La Polla Records than by the bands that influence it nowadays: Napalm Death, Disgorge (Mex.), Impaled Nazarene, Dying Fetus. Today Entropia plays Katalonian Brutal Gore Grind Death Metall Antifa and bases its lyrics on the mystic workers fight against the neo capitalist violence and the sexism.

Some old members of the band were: Ros, Sakrifici, Saz and Pol, while now the band is composed by Karakassa (guitar and vocals), Selrak (bass and vocals) and Uretra (drums). The destiny of Entropia changed when some subterranean demons kidnapped Selrak and Karkassa and transmitted them the anarkosatanic doctrine. One day, in 2002, Uretra was pissed by a pair of drunk Selrak and Karkassa. The atonished anarkosatanic couple stared wide eyed Uretra’s materialisation from the piss.

Since the edition of CD “Takte Mòrbid” (2005), its first full length album, Entropia is further more important and well known, basically thanks to the ritual character of its live performance, each time bloodier and filthier.

Entropia has played with bands such as Exodus, Mortician, Nuclear Assault (“Entropia very locos”, said Dani Lilker), Krisiun or Grave, and usually appears on stage with Otargos, Mixomatosis, Dvorhead, Rash, Nemesis Aeterna, Virulentos, La Matanza, Càustic and Vidres a la Sang, its twin bands.

Translated by Judith Fusté