27 de gen. 2007

Review cd Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" x Pathologically Explicit Zine #7 (01/2005)

- PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT ZINE - Review CD- Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" (2005) - 01/2005


ENTROPIA "Takte Mòrbid"(SPA)

This is the first time I listen to this band but they have worked for long time in the scene, this is their first full lenght cd for this trio of maniacs, the music there are performing are a mix between brutal death and grind with brutal voices and riffs to mosh...in this moment I can't compare it with any band so I think is better to look for this cd and get your own opinion. Also this cd contains 2 brutal videoclips.

Fernando Romero Bastante