27 de gen. 2007

Review cd Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" x Brutalism W'Zine (10/2005)

- BRUTALISM 'ZINE- Review CD- Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" (2005) - 10/2005

ENTROPIA - Takte Morbid
1. Rebentat
2. Dret a Mort
3. Sodomia Kristiana
4. Santeria Proletària
5. Sóc Tu
6. Skum
7. Fuck Bush
8. Mata al Teu Boxtí
9. Hematomes Tumefactes Rectovaginals
10. Takte Morbid
11. Entropia Parla

2 videoclips

Entropia - Takte Morbid

After several releases in their 10 year of existence (yo, where is the celebration party?) Entropia releases their debut disc. Entropia comes from Catalunia and if you kow some Spanish history you understand their struggle for freedom. All this freedom fighting can be found in the songs. A combination of death (old school) and grind. 2 Style vocals which change frequenty. Mid tempo is changing to blastbeats. Only the guitars could have been more to the frontmix. Lyrically you have to read their language and if not just enjoy this disc. As a special bonus you get 2 videoclips. Imageshots from Newsprograms and livefoorage. Some disgusting one but they are over before you realize. Concluding that this is a nice disc from Entropia.


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