27 de gen. 2007

Review cd Entropia "Takte Mòrbid" x Vampire Magazine (08/2005)

-VAMPIRE-MAGAZINE - Review - Entropia "Takte Mòrbid"(2005) - 08/2005

TAKTE MORBID Voliac Rock Produccions
Written by Piertje on Monday 08 August, 2005. Last updated on Thursday 01 January, 1970

Hell is being raised to support the oppressed by the Catalonian band Entropia. After over 10 years of survival which includes 5 self released productions ?Takte Mòrbid? was released as their debut album through Voliac Rock Produccions. Admitting never hearing of this band before, I can?t get rid of the thought this band is sticking to its roots. Old school death/grind with a social political touch simply isn?t a style you change to in a few months, so I declare this band true as the hell they?re raising!

If you?re the kind that sits on your couch with some cheese and wine listening to Sting and feel sorry about all the worlds demise, sleep tight and wake up happy to go to work then Entropia is your wake up call. Life sucks if you?re not in command. The message is anarchy. Taking over the power and create freedom like it was meant to be. Bored already? Guess you close your eyes when domestic violence becomes the subject too.
If you?re still reading this review then most likely you recognize your point of view in the lyrics from Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Grossmember, Din-Addict and Inhumate or instance. If you?d mix the styles of those bands you?ll get a close touch of what Entropia is producing. Like life, music doesn?t have to be that complicated and Entropia lives by that rule. The moshable parts between the blasts give a cool contrast. Entropia proofs on ?Takte Mòrbid? how interesting duo vocals can be by singing in a wide range of grunts in different styles. Fucking cool! Another special element is the effect used on the bass several times.
It took some intensive listening to hear the guitar on this album. If it would have been mixed in harder this album would have been more enjoyable than it already is. I?m afraid some of you will not dig that, but I can only say that will be your loss.

Besides over a half hour of old school death/grind the cd includes 2 video-clips. The booklet is well tended and you?ll need a Spanish dictionary or friend to read the lyrics. Entropia?s ?Takte Mòrbid? is in any way worthy for your possession. Ok, let?s have a riot!

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